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Kirkelig Kulturverksted

Ingeborg Hungnes // Guds Mor i Mexico // CD

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Edvard Hoem texts dedicated to the Virgin Mary, performed by Ingeborg Hungnes on new CD

Not many new songs about the Virgin Mary have been written in Norway since the Reformation. As their first release of the new millennium, Kirkelig Kulturverksted presents an entire CD with texts dedicated to the Mother of God. All signed by Edvard Hoem and music composed by Henning Sommerro.

”Guds mor i Mexico” was recorded in the South Mexican town of Oaxaca in May 1999. Ingeborg Hungnes sings, accompanied by Henning Sommerro (organ) and Mauricio Vicencio from Chile (strings and flutes). Susana Peña from Ecuador supplies background vocals on some tracks.

A rumour, that the old Mexican organ is one of the world’s most exciting instruments of its kind, is what brought Hungnes, Sommerro and Kirkelig Kulturverksted to Mexico. The prominent position of the Virgin Mary in the countries south of the Rio Grande made a cathedral in a small Mexican town all the more relevant for this particular recording.

Mauricio Vicencio’s ethnic Latin American sound provides the recording arrangements with a rustic touch. His zamponas, quenas and charrango blend with the organ’s principals and trumpets like tabasco in a taco dish.

The cathedral of Oaxaca is situated right in the middle of the town’s very lively plaza. The atmosphere of Mariachi orchestras, fireworks, dancing and nightly partying made its way into the church during recording sessions, as they had to take place after cathedral closing time at 8 p.m. every night. The organ dates back to the 1690’s and is not much used, but an organ restorer from Colorado, Susan Tattershall, has made it her life task to keep a number of Mexican baroque instruments in good order.

Producer for this recording is Erik Hillestad. Sound by Alf Christian Hvidsteen.


Track list:

1. Lov Herrens namn                              3:12

2. Improvisasjon i Oaxaca                      1:57

3. Guds mor av Guadalupe                     4:00

4. Han ber sin kross                               3:58

5. Mari moder                                          2:31

6. Frå land til land                                   5:51

7. Sju gleder                                            3:21

8. Så fylt av uendeleg glede                  5:29

9. Du ropar på oss, mor                         2:32

10. Improvisasjon i Tlacochahuaya       4:12

11. Maria møy på Grip                            3:08