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SKRUK & Katia Cardenal // Messe for Kari og Ola // CD

SKRUK & Katia Cardenal // Messe for Kari og Ola // CD

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"Messe for Kari og Ola" (Mass for the Man in the Street)| MISA CAMPESINA

SKRUK has completed the recording of the Nicaraguan mass Misa Campesina by composer Carlos Mejia Godoy. The soloist is Katia Cardenal, and a Nicaraguan band provides the right mood with its South American rhythms. The title literally translates into "Mass for Farmers", and deals with the relation between the common man and God. The lyrics have been translated into Norwegian by Erik Hillestad and placed in a Norwegian context. The music emanates a great sense of joy with its feisty Caribbean mood. It was recorded in Nicaragua (Granada) and Norway (Volda).


Track list:

1. Inngangssong                                      4:05

2. Kyrie                                                     2:55

3. Gloria                                                   4:50

4. Credo                                                   6:05

5. Offertorium                                          7:15

6. Meditasjonssong                                 4:55

7. Sanctus                                                 4:45

8. Heilt ifrå langt av stad                         3:15

9. Nattverdsong                                       6:30

10. Askjedssong                                       6:05

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