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SKRUK // På Nytt // CD

SKRUK // På Nytt // CD

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SKRUK, this great audience favourite, has launched a new album.

For the 18th time, SKRUK releases an album with Kirkelig Kulturverksted. This time in the shape of a concert with SKRUK anno 2002, containing selected songs from previous albums in addition to some new material. Recordings were made in Volda Church without an audience, with full focus on the optimal result for a CD recording.

The repertoir includes some of the most popular material that SKRUK has been working with during their 29-year-long history; from spirituals to classical church music, some of it from Aserbajdsjan and other places where the choir has crusaded. All performed a cappella, i.e. without instruments.

Conductor Per Oddvar Hildre is in charge of a lot of new voice material in SKRUK anno 2002. Over the last 10 years more than half the choir has been replaced, and the sound is as good as ever. It is quite surprising how SKRUK’s particular form of expression has been firmly maintained from their first debut recording in 1977 and up to today. It is all about an attitude that has been passed on, closely combined with the conductor’s dedicated way of interpretation.


Track list:

1. Lord, I know I been changed                               3:58

2. Folkefrelsar til oss kom                                        3:55

3. Kyrie                                                                      4:05

4. O Jesus, åpne du mitt øye                                  3:15

5. Guds son er komen til oss ned                           4:55

6. Exultate Deo                                                         3:45

7. I Jesu navn begynder vi                                       1:05

8. Han er oppstanden                                              5:05

9. My help comes from the Lord                             2:50

10. La den brenne                                                     3:45

11. Shut de do                                                           4:10

12. 43. Davidsalme                                                   5:10

13. Amazing Grace                                                   3:55

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